Best Fuel Additives

Fuel prices in the United States are still better than in many foreign countries. But the fluctuations we’ve experienced over the past few years have proven to be a wake –up call for most. Americans seemed fairly resilient as prices at the pump rose to $2.00 per gallon and above with many still refusing to give up the comfort of gas-guzzling SUVs and other inefficient vehicles. But recent spikes in prices to $4.00 and even $5.00 per gallon brought home the reality of just what an impact on one’s lifestyle fuel economy can become.
While many are opting for more fuel efficient rides, they and those still clinging to the less efficient vehicles are searching for hope and further relief in an ever-increasing selection of fuel additives and treatments. In recent months many new products have come to market with a variety of claims. We’re hearing terminology and technical details about fuel combustion properties that may have been there in the past, but now have our attention.

Enter ethanol. The effect of ethanol on performance, efficiency, and vehicle maintenance adds even more concern for consumers. Rest assured this problem isn’t going away anytime soon and the longer we’re exposed to it, the more we learn about the challenges ethanol presents.

Consumers are hit with the proverbial double whammy. Prices of fuel are increasing and the quality is decreasing impacting fuel mileage and creating even more vehicle maintenance expense. The long-term solution will surely lie in some other yet-to-be-proven and utilized fuel technology. But for the time being, automobile owners are faced with getting the most out of current technology.

While fuel economy and how to tackle the effects of ethanol are prime concerns for our lifestyles today, we’re constantly reminded of the long-lasting effects of combustion engines (especially diesel engines) on the environment. Significant strides have been made in the development of diesel engines making newer models much more efficient in terms of carbon emissions, but there are millions of older models that need to be addressed.

Some companies continue to offer their solutions through a variety of products, each with a specific purpose and benefit. But several, some of them newcomers, are offering single products with multiple benefits. What is the best overall solution to improve fuel mileage, improve performance, tackle the effects of ethanol in fuel, and reduce emissions?

This website will review and discuss new (and old) products along with new technologies and terminology associated with fuel combustion efficiency. We’ll compare product claims, suggested benefits, test results, and testimonials in hopes of making your fuel additive decisions easier. While we may try various products along , we do not intend to compare “our” results for every product we review. We very simply intend to bring information about a variety products to one place to assist you in your research about fuel treatments and additives. We’ll leave the usage comparisons to you…and welcome your findings.